BannerCharge Overview

BannerCharge provides centralized management of gateway accounts & accepted payment methods, allowing you to accept payments from your website via BannerRoster, BannerRSVP, BannerMerchant, & BannerForms. Note that you must open a merchant account with a third party payment processor such as or PayPal. BannerCharge also has advanced features to allow website members to purchase and redeem credits or store credit card info on file for future transactions and recurring charges.

Core Concepts

Gateway Accounts:
Accepting credit card payments requires a gateway account with a 3rd party payment processor such as or PayPal. Gateway account details are added to BannerCharge to allow grips to collect and transmit payment information.

Payment Setups:
A BannerCharge payment setup is a group of accepted credit cards and their associated gateway accounts through which payment is processed. This additional layer of configuration allows you to specify different gateway accounts for different credit cards, although most small and medium sized websites use a single gateway account for all accepted credit cards and therefor only need a single payment setup.

BannerCharge stores transaction details for all failed and successul transactions conducted via BannerRoster, BannerRSVP, BannerMerchant, & BannerForms. Transactions are searchable according to date, name on card, last 4 digits, and more. Transaction data includes date & time, amount, and raw gateway responses.