BannerDate Overview

BannerDate helps you manage and display event calendars on your website. Calendars can display any number of events or event categories. Events can be automatically repeated according to set patterns. When combined with BannerRSVP, BannerDate calendars can also display RSVP events.

Core Concepts

Event categories are groups of related events which are displayed together on a calendar. BannerDate comes pre-installed with a General Events category which may be suitable for your needs, but if you wish to show multiple calendars with different sets of events on each, you will need additional categories.

BannerDate events display event info including title, description, date, start time, and end time. Descriptions can include images and HTML content.

Events of the same category are displayed together on event calendars.

Events can be repeated automatically according to various patterns, until a date of your choosing.

Event calendars can be published on any shell template or content region by adding the appropriate marker from the Dynamic Content drop down, which is available in all content editing sections of BannerOS.

Calendar Appearance:
BannerDate includes calendar appearance controls, to customize the colors and font styles of the calendar.