BannerMerchant Overview

BannerMerchant is a Web based point of sale system allowing for the sale of products and services via the Internet. The system provides high level functions such as an online catalog, real time inventory management, shopping cart, order tracking, customer information database, automated payment processing, item search, virtual category management, volume pricing options and wholesale/retail pricing. If you are looking to sell products online, BannerMerchant added to BannerOS has everything you need to get your store front up and operational on the Internet.

Core Concepts

BannerMerchant CATEGORIES are groups of related products that are displayed together in a product listing. BannerMerchant comes pre-installed with a Products category which may be suitable for your needs, but if you wish to show multiple product listings with different types of products, you will need additional categories.

BannerMerchant MANUFACTURERS are similar to categories, but are not required to add or list products. They can be helpful as an additional filtering option.

Product Types:
BannerMerchant PRODUCT TYPES let you assign variable properties to your products. For example, you may have a Sweater category, which contains sub categories of cardigans, pull-overs, and hoodies. Within each of those sub categories you will have several distinct products. Each of those products will have their own variances which you can classify as types; like size or color options. Not every product is going to have the same options, even if they have the same type of options, so with BannerMerchant you can select which types and options are available per product. Currently you can only add product types when creating a new product, so it’s important to create and configure product types before adding products.

Displaying products on your website generally involves 3 steps:

  1. Create a category for the products if one does not exist.
  2. Add a product.
  3. Place a BannerMerchant listing marker on the page that you wish to display the products.