BannerRoster Overview

Managing leads and members of an organization can be time consuming and limiting using non web based solutions. BannerRoster can help you automate your lead and membership management tasks and provides the option for in-depth customization.

Core Concepts

Member Levels:
BannerRoster Member LEVELS can be free, or you can require payment when combined with BannerCharge to accept payments from your website. BannerRoster comes pre-installed with a default member level which may be suitable for your needs, but if you wish you can add more.

Member Directories:
BannerRoster Member DIRECTORIES make it possible to display your members on your website in a searchable directory, great for chambers of commerce and business associations.

Displaying members on your website generally involves 3 steps:

  1. Create a level for the members if one does not exist.
  2. Add a member and check to display the member in a directory.
  3. Place a BannerRoster listing marker on the page that you wish to display members.

Staff Management:
BannerRoster STAFF members have the ability to log into the BannerOS admin and edit anything on the website under their privilege scope.