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Customers expect to purchase & make payments online. Because of this trend, more & more business transactions are conducted through a mobile device.

One platform, one design

In the recent past, two versions of a website were designed. One a desktop, the other a mobile optimized version of your website designed to automatically detect when someone is accessing your website from a mobile device. The issue with this is that mobile just doesn't mean one size anymore. From brick, to flip phone to now smartphones in multiple sizes, one size just doesn't 'fit all.'

The better option is to get a responsive designed, mobile-friendly website. It's one website designed to adapt to the device upon which it's displayed. As technology develops and the Internet expands to automobiles, appliances, and wearable tech like watches, a website that morphs to the device used will greatly expand your reach. 

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Where can I learn more?

As a leader in web development programming, we try to keep up to date on trends in technology. We provide it to you as a benefit to your business. The following BannerBlog articles offer additional information on mobile technology and its use in business.

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