Features of your live chat software

Live Chat With Your Website Visitors

Live chat helps to increase conversions, allowing your visitors to quickly find the answers they need and providing them with a great user experience.

Customizable Call to Action Content

Prompt visitors to chat with a customizable text or image-based call to action for each chat widget.

Two Styles of Chat Widget Calls to Action

Chat widgets can be placed inside your website content, or anchored to the web browser window so its always in view.

Transfer Chats

Easily transfer chats to other online operators.

See Visitor's Current Browsing History

Your view of the chat provides a list of previously visited pages from the visitor's current session, allowing you to see where they've been and what they're looking for.

Topic-specific Operator Groups and Chat Widgets

Ensure that your visitors are chatting with the appropriate member of your team by utilizing operator groups. This allows your sales team to chat with visitors who have sales-specific topics, or your customer service team to chat with visitors who have general service questions.

Chat History Archive

Chat transcripts are automatically archived, useful in reviewing your customers current needs, or to assist in training your team members on proper chat protocols.

Private Operator Chat

Operators can chat privately with each other or in a group chat, viewable to all online operators. This feature can be turned off as well.

Send and Receive Files

Chat widgets include the optional abilities to send and receive files, as well as print or email chat transcripts.

Observe Chats

As a website administrator you can observe current chats in progress to monitor your team members' performance or assist with answering questions.

Customizable Offline Message

When operators are offline, provide a message to visitors which directs them to your contact form. Or, hide the chat widget altogether, automatically.

Built-in Support Ticketing System

Allow visitors to open a support ticket that can be tracked with a complete history of specific support requests.

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