Features of your flash sale software

Keep 100% of the Income

Offer Groupon style deals to your website visitors without losing any of the proceeds. By hosting your own deals, you won't need to share the income with third parties.

Unique Serial Numbers

Each deal sold has a unique serial number to ensure that deal vouchers cannot be duplicated or used more than once.

Unlimited Categories

When offering a large number of deals, organize them by category to help your customers find what they're looking for.

Publish Deal-A-Day Offers

Set the dates and times that each deal will be available and offer something new to customers daily, weekly, or any interval you choose.

Availability Timer

Display a countdown that shows how long a deal will be available.

Email Notifications

Receive email alerts when a deal is bought, and the system will send a list of purchased deals and their serial numbers, along with a csv file for offline use with your favorite spreadsheet program.

Publish Deep Discount Offers

Set each deal's purchase and value price, and the system automatically calculates and displays the percent savings to entice your customers to buy.

Built-In Sharing

Your website visitors can share deals with their friends using the built-in email form.

Flexible Deal Layouts

For more advanced users, the layouts of your deal listings and display pages are limited only by your creativity.