Features of your ad campaign software

Ad Campaigns and Positions

Categorize ads into campaigns to help track impressions and click throughs for your marketing efforts. Place multiple ads into a single position to randomly rotate which ad appears on the page.

Ad Duration Controls

Specify a start and end date in which to run the ad, or limit the number of impressions.

Support for Multiple Ad Formats

Publish text, image, Flash, or HTML ads.

IP Address Filter

Prevent internal company generated impressions and click throughs from skewing ad statistics. Any actions from the specified IP addresses will not be included in stats and reports.

Impressions and Click Throughs

All ads are tracked for number of impressions and click through rates. Reports are filterable by date range.

Marker-Based Output

Adding a trackable ad to any page or template of your website is easy using the marker-based content output of BannerOS Grips.

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