Features of your payment processing software

Accept Payments From Your Website

BannerCharge works with other grips including BannerForms, BannerRoster, BannerRSVP, and BannerMerchant to facilitate credit card and PayPal transactions, and provides a user friendly checkout process for your customers.

Membership Credits

Sell or distribute website credits, which customers can use as an alternative form of payment. When combined with BannerRoster, your website members can earn additional credits for new customer referrals.

Recurring Payments

When combined with BannerRoster, your paid website memberships can automatically renew and charge your member's credit cards on file, offering convenience for your customer and a higher rate of membership renewals for your business.

Saved Cards on File

When combined with BannerRoster, your website members can securely store their credit card and billing information for quick checkout on return visits.

Promo Codes

Create promo codes to provide percentage or fixed value discounts on your products, services, events, and paid memberships.

eGift Cards

Offer electronic gift cards for sale in fixed increments or customer-specified amounts.

Searchable Transactions

Search for transactions according to customer info, purchase amount, transaction status, and transaction date.

Multiple Payment Methods Per Transaction

Optionally allow your customers to use multiple payment methods, including more than one credit card, in a single transaction.

Payment Gateway Support

BannerCharge supports many of the most popular gateway accounts including Authorize.net, Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway, CornerPay.net, eProcessing Network, Global Gateway e4 Solutions, Innovative Gateway Solutions, Internet Secure, Link Point, mbs-us.com, Merchant ONE, My VirtualMerchant, NMI Payment Gateway, Pay Flow Pro (paypal), Paypal Express Checkout, Quantum Gateway, SecureNet Gateway, Transaction Express, USAePay. Support for other gateways can be added upon request.

Credit Card Support

BannerCharge supports the major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Support for other cards can be added upon request.