Features of your form creator software

Unlimited Fully Customizable Forms

Create and publish submission forms for your website to facilitate targeted communication with your website visitors.

Wide Range of Form Fields

In addition to standard text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons, BannerForms also lets you easily add captchas, address fields, date fields, phone fields and more to your submission forms.

Built-In Form Field Customizations

Each type of form field has a variety of built-in customizations. Text fields can automatically validate entered data for URLs and email addresses. Date fields can automatically show a set range of years based on the current year, and much more.

Payment Forms

When combined with BannerCharge, BannerForms lets you create and publish payment forms to collect credit card payments right from your website.

Mailing List Integration

When combined with BannerMailer, any submission form can add a website visitor to your newsletter mailing list.

Email Notifications

Receive email notifications each time a submission form is sent. Submission form content can be sent to you inside the email notification or viewed via a secure link.

Secure Forms

Forms can be secured to protect your visitor's privacy.

Advanced Form Options

Create multi-page forms, send automatic receipt emails, and allow visitors to add additional field groups on the fly.

Archived Form Submissions

All form submissions are stored in BannerForms for your convenience.

Full Layout Control

For advanced users familiar with HTML and CSS, you can fully customize the layout of each form using a marker based layout to output each form field's label, input, and error message.

Marked-Based Output

Adding a submission form to any page or template of your website is easy using the marker-based content output of BannerOS Grips.

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