Features of your geolocation software

Location Search Utilizing Google Maps

Allow your website visitors to search for locations based on address, city, state and zip code. Each location is automatically plotted on an integrated Google Map to help your visitors find you quickly.

Import Ability

You can add all your locations to the system quickly by uploading a CSV or tab delimited file which contains each location's information.

Location Categories

Locations can be categorized if you wish to provide a more targeted search for your website visitors.

Search Statistics

See which locations your visitors are searching for and how often each location is found with the built-in statistics.

Easy To Use Functionality

The built-in form for adding and modifying your locations contains fields for location name, address, phone number, and hours of operation. Each location is plotted on a Google Map automatically, based on the address you provide.

Customizable Interface

Using BannerLocate's form field creator, you can add custom fields to the location details form for adding or modifying locations.

Custom Map Icons

Each location can be plotted on the Google Map using an image of your choice as the map marker icon.

Custom Location Pages

The search results listing of your locations can link to the built-in display page, or you can create a completely custom page for each location via the BannerOS pages manager and link the location search results to them.

Flexible Location Layouts

For more advanced users, the layout of your location search results and display pages are limited only by your creativity.

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