Features of your survey creator software

Unlimited Surveys and Voting Polls

Get targeted feedback and opinions from your customers by publishing surveys and voting polls.

Custom Survey Fields

Use the form field creator to add text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons to your surveys.

Results Analysis

Analyze survey results using the built-in tool that shows a percentage breakdown of responses. Filter the results according to specific survey fields for analyzing specific demographics, and save custom search filters for later use.

Start and End Dates

Specify automatic start and end dates and times for each survey or poll.

Email Notifications

Receive an email when a survey is completed. The results are emailed directly to you and stored within BannerSurvey for your convenience.

Marked-Based Output

Adding a survey or voting poll to any page or template of your website is easy using the marker-based content output of BannerOS Grips.

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