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Mark A. Cenicola is responsible for the company's vision, direction, and general health. As Chairman, President & CEO he must make sure that an environment is created in which everyone from customers to employees to investors are given the resources they need to prosper and benefit in their relationship with Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises, the parent company of

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Mark Cenicola strips away the hype and gives his take on technology and its use in establishing a better business online.

Hard hitting presentations that really get to the core of today's technologically advanced business economy, Mark demonstrates effective strategies for integrating the Internet into a company's operations and giving their website an expanded role in contributing to the success of their business.

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Following Online Publications

  • Nine Questions You Should Absolutely Ask Your Future Web Developer
  • Entrepreneur: If You Want to Survive, Find Ways to Compete With Your Own Business
  • Entrepreneur: How to Pick the Right Website Management Platform for Your Small Business 
  • Business Collective: Web analytics are great, but where do you put all the data?

Speaking Experience

  • Using Blogging, Email Marketing and Twitter to Build your [Personal] Brand - National Association of Pet Sitters Annual Conference
  • Panelist: Beyond Expectations Marketing BLAST OFF 2012 - Urban Chamber of Commerce
  • Maximizing Viral Returns - Digital World Expo 2011


the banner brand

In his business book, “The Banner Brand,” Mark A. Cenicola takes you on his personal journey of how he applied the fundamentals of brand strategy and guerilla marketing as critical defenses in fighting the competitive landscape characterized by small business.

Blog Entries

Choose an Online Chamber of Commerce for Virtual Networking

(07/06/2021) Mark A. Cenicola
Now is the time to expand your efforts onto the Internet. Banner Chamber of Commerce, a new online membership based organization, offers global reach with a local focus and more opportunities than you could imagine with your neighborhood network.

Warning! Your Website has a Data Leak. Don’t Expose your Website Visitors’ Privacy

(08/28/2019) Mark A. Cenicola
The Outrage Over Facebook Privacy is Unwarranted
Nearly every time you visit a website your data is being gathered, not only by the website you visit, but by third parties. Most of the time, these website owners have no idea your data is being shared with third parties. If you find a cool tool which requires you to install a "snippet" of code from a third party to embed the tool onto your website, you are guilty of exposing your visitor's data to third parties.

Presenting: YOU - Putting Small Business Experience to Good Use by Writing a Book

(06/04/2019) Mark A. Cenicola
Understanding the key elements that go into successful business books and the work involved will facilitate your book writing decision making process. Writing a business book isn’t for everyone and it’s certainly not something that can be done overnight. However, having a book under your belt will make your personal branding and marketing efforts more impactful. After all, not everyone has written a book!