Enjoy the benefits of using BannerMerchant

We loaded the program with so many benefits that you won't believe what you'll be able to accomplish


For setting up your merchant account, we recommend visiting our partner, CDGcommerce.

BannerMerchant offers you:

  • 24/7 access to promoting & managing your website store
  • An online catalog that accommodates large quantities of images, image sizes & text
  • Realtime inventory management:
    • Automatic low stock supply notifications
    • Flexible sales statistic summaries configured by units, category or product type, dollars, daily, monthly, annually
  • Shopping cart:
    • Fully integrated to customer database and secure, encrypted data and payment processing
  • Order tracking
  • Customer information database:
    • Flexible ways of configuring it
  • Automated payment processing:
    • Handles multiple gateways per website page using BannerCharge™ for credit cards, PayPal, checks & membership points/credits
    • Data/payment transfer is secure and encrypted
    • Category management
    • Promotion pricing options
    • Volume pricing options
    • Wholesale/retail pricing management

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