Features of your shopping cart software

Category Based Product Management and Sales

Sell items from your website without the need for third party systems.

Secure Integrated Checkout

BannerMerchant utilizes the user friendly checkout process of BannerCharge for a seamless checkout experience directly on your website.

Custom Product Options

Add custom choices to any product to allow your customers to choose size, color, or any other product option your items require.

Customer Email Notifications

Adapt the customer email notifications to suit your business. Your customers receive an email when products are ordered, shipped, back ordered, or cancelled.

Admin Email Notifications

Receive an email when products are ordered, or when inventory stock gets low.

Sales and Inventory Statistics

View sales reports, products sold, inventory item usage, and more using the built-in statistics and reports.

Product Comparisons

Allow your customers to compare similar products using the built-in product comparison charts.

Saved Cards on File

BannerMerchant utilizes the power of BannerCharge and BannerRoster to allow your registered customers to save credit cards on file for a faster checkout experience.

Customer Wish Lists and Past Orders

When combined with BannerRoster, your customers can save a wish list of products and view past orders.

Promos and eGift Cards

BannerMerchant utilizes the power of BannerCharge, allowing you to offer custom promo codes and virtual gift cards.

Standard eCommerce Features and Then Some

BannerMerchant has all the standard ecommerce options your business needs, including shipping and tax configuration, inventory management, vendor management, purchase order tracking, volume options, plus advanced options like automatic shopping cart abandonment notifications, support for recurring/subscription based product orders so your customers can choose to automatically receive new shipments at scheduled intervals and text message notifications of new orders.

Product Images and Slide Shows

Upload one or more photos to showcase each product and help your visitors make an informed decision. Image thumbnails art automatically generated for use on product listing pages.

Flexible Product Layouts

For more advanced users, the layout of your products and product category pages are limited only by your creativity.

Marker-Based Output

Adding products and product categories to any page of your website is easy using the marker-based content output of BannerOS Grips.