Enjoy the benefits of using BannerRoster

We loaded the program with so many benefits that you won't believe what you'll be able to accomplish

Membership Application

BannerRoster offers you:

  • Unlimited membership directory levels & display options
  • Controlled access to past, present and suspended members accounts
  • Controlled membership access for administration with email verification
  • Track and update lead contacts with the ability to add administrative only notes to contacts
  • Membership payment processing (requires BannerCharge)
  • Membership email subscription management
  • Member RSVP management (requires BannerRSVP)
  • Manage employee membership access to BannerOS
  • Membership access restriction to only certain areas of BannerOS
  • Membership sign up restrictions when using specific criteria
  • Member sets to group together members based on specific criteria
  • Send emails to member sets based on specific criteria (requires BannerMailer)

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