Features of your membership system software

Website Membership Management

Create unlimited membership levels and pricing options to allow for exclusive members only content.

Smart Signup Features

Customize each member level's signup form with custom demographic questions, and optionally require email verification or admin approval before members can access your content.

Recurring Memberships

BannerRoster can utilize the power of BannerCharge to allow members to store credit cards on file for automatic renewal of paid memberships.

Complete Account Management

Easily manage member account information, revoke memberships, view member referrals, manage member event registrations, and much more.

Free or Paid Memberships

Member levels can be free, or you can require payment when combined with BannerCharge to accept payments from your website.

Searchable Member Directory

Your members can be displayed on your website in a searchable member directory, great for chambers of commerce and business associations.

Targeted Email Communications

When combined with BannerMailer, you can distribute targeted newsletters with specific content to your members based on demographics from member accounts.

Members Only Events

When combined with BannerRSVP, you can offer exclusive member's only event registration.

Secure Member File Sharing

When combined with BannerFile, members can upload files that are too large to email or which require a more secure mode of delivery, and you can share files with members as well.

Promo Codes and Website Credits

When combined with BannerCharge, you can create custom promo codes, or sell and distribute digital credits that can be used as a form of payment for members make purchases.

Employee Access with Custom Privileges

BannerRoster allows you to create additional admin logins with restricted access privileges based on company departments, employment positions, and specific employees.

Demographic Member Sets

Create lists of members based on specific demographics, and use this information to better understand your members.

Members Only Access On Any Page

Any page of your website can be locked down to members only, or specific membership levels.

Member Email Notifications

Customize all membership related emails to suit your business. Members receive emails when signing up, for verifying their email address, and as a reminder when their membership is about to expire.

Admin Email Notifications

Receive an email when new members sign up.