BannerOS List of features

Website visitor tracking statistics

You have the ability to track visits to your website and view detailed information to better help shape the success of your website. BannerOS collects all the data you need to review how your website is performing and make informed decisions about your marketing efforts. All Grips are integrated with the core platform to allow visitor tracking across all functions of your website. Integration of third party tracking tools is supported, but not necessary with BannerOS.

Built in search engine for a fully searchable website

website search is built in to the BannerOS platform, allowing your website visitors to easily search your website and quickly find what they need. You can also view statistics on what users are searching for, and how often they find what they need.

24/7 Anytime/Anywhere web browser access

BannerOS is web-based, allowing you to login and manage your website anywhere you have an internet connection. You can manage your website 24/7, whether traveling for business, from home or even from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

User-friendly WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get)

With the built-in WYSIWYG editor, updating your web pages is easy. Formatted similar to a word processing program, you are able to edit content, add images or videos, and link words to other web pages on or outside your website.

Customizable web page templates

Different templates can be used for different designs throughout your website. BannerOS allows you to add as many templates as you'd like.

Host anywhere you want

BannerOS websites can be hosted anywhere in the world on servers configured for the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment with custom support available for other environments such as WIMP (Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP) and WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP). View full system requirements.

Add unlimited web pages

With BannerOS, your website can grow as your business grows. This flexibility allows you to add as much content and as many web pages as you need. There is theoretically no limit to the amount of pages you can create.

Animated slider manager

BannerOS allows you to add an animated element to your website to showcase products, photos, or calls to action. Features include choice of transitions, the ability to add captions, and slides can be clickable to drive more traffic to your most important web pages.

Search engine optimized (SEO)

BannerOS was built for maximum search engine visibility which allows your website the greatest opportunity to get traffice from the major search engines. BannerOS allows for SEO friendly URLs, page forwarding with 301 redirects, a built-in XML sitemap, and meta data, all which help search engines to crawl your website properly. In addition, there's a SEO Recommendations tool built-in.

Common digital file formats supported

BannerOS allows you to upload a wide range of media file types including images and documents that can easily be incorporated into your website. Some of the most common file types include JPG, PNG, PDF, and GIF files.

Organize your uploaded media via categories

You are able to create an unlimited amount of categories in your media database allowing for ease of use, faster search, and better organization of your media files. Search for images and media files in your database by name or category or browse all items alphabetically. You can conveniently preview images before selecting them for use on your website.

Customizable SEO-friendly webpage titles, descriptions & keywords

Name your webpages and input meta descriptions to drive the most relevant traffic to your website. You can change them as you see fit or add and delete keywords whenever you like.

Bi-weekly software upgrades included is always improving the BannerOS platform by fixing bugs, adding features, and keeping your website secure. We strive to release new versions every other week. As a customer you will always have the most updated version of BannerOS. BannerOS also minimizes upgrade compatibility issues that are common with systems like WordPress.

Full access to raw HTML code for advanced users

You can toggle between the "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editor and raw HTML so that you can input code directly into a web page. Advanced users who are comfortable working with HTML markup find this a convenient feature for direct access to code.

Mobile friendly

BannerOS was built to be mobile friendly, supporting the latest devices. In addition, BannerOS utilizes the power of the Bootstrap framework, allowing you to build a responsive website that adjusts according to the screen size being used to view your website.

Third party developer support

BannerOS was designed with the flexibility for third party developers to create their own custom Grips to extend the functionality of the system. For organizations with highly customized needs, internal developers can be hired for ongoing custom support and development of features specific to their organizations.

Version Control

BannerOS page editions allow you to maintain different copies of your web pages, and makes it possible to schedule editions to go live to the public at certain days and times. BannerOS will automatically retain the last 3 editions of every page, allowing you to restore previous versions if you make a mistake or need to revert a page after a special event has past as an example.

W3C compliancy tested uses consistent and compatible coding, striving for W3C (World Wide web Consortium) compliancy. The consistent and compatible coding ensures your website displays properly across different operating systems and web browsers and is properly visible to search engines.

When You Host with, You Also Get:

Flexible account management gives you complete control over your account with 24/7 live update capability to change contact information, update billing information, review past invoices, submit regular and emergency support requests, manage your email accounts and all other aspects of your relationship with directly from our website.

Security auditing testing and issue resolution (as required by third party vendors)*

Some vendors may require additional security audits to comply with laws such as HIPPA. For an additional fee, can perform these security audits to ensure you have maximum protection for your own and sensitive customer data.

Raw database access

With BannerOS, you always have direct access to your data. Since the product runs on top of the open source MySQL database, this provides you with great flexibility in importing and exporting data as needed.

PCI Compliance testing and auditing (as required by your merchant vendor)*

If you run payment transactions through your website, new credit card laws require your website to meet certain security standards. Included with any hosted website, we will perform, at your vendor's request, a PCI security audit to ensure you meet their strict security requirements and are protecting your customer's data in the event of a data breach.

Advanced web hosting support for very large websites*

Need high availability and/or high performance for your critical website operations? BannerOS was designed to support enterprise level technologies such as data replication across multiple servers and data centers and content delivery network support.

Migrate data from existing website systems such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla*

BannerOS makes it convenient to migrate from other common website platforms. With direct access to the database, the reverse is also true in the unlikely event you need to migrate away from BannerOS.

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* Some services require an additional fee.