BannerRoster: Create & Modify Member Levels

To Add a New Member Level:
On the GRIP OPTIONS tab of the BannerRoster Dashboard, you will have the option to Manage Member Levels or Add New Member Level.

Clicking through the Manage Member Levels screen will let you see what member levels are already set up, make any changes, and even create the new member level by clicking one of the two Create Member Level buttons.

There are a lot of options when creating member levels, mostly relevant for situations where you want to have tiered access to different parts of your site. The majority of those don’t apply to this particular example though, so I will focus on the fields we need to change. The only required field on the form is the Member Level Name, but more configuration is typically necessary, especially if you make use of paid memberships on your site.

Additionally there are some customization options in regards to form letters to send welcoming members or verifying their email addresses, but they are beyond the scope of this document.

Clicking continue after making the changes listed above displays a success message, and gives you the option to view the level, or go to the Manage Member Levels screen.