BannerRoster: Create & Modify Form Fields

To Add or Manage Fields:
From the BannerRoster dashboard, go into the GRIP OPTIONS tab and you’ll have an icon for configure fields. In the Configure Fields page you’ll have buttons to Add New Form Field or manage field groups.

The following table explains all of the fields that are relevant to this example on the Add Form Field page. Because several will have different values for each field, the ‘Value’ column will contain a comma separated list of the values used.

The Field Preview section at the bottom of the page will show you what the field will look like on edit pages. Clicking Verify will take you to the confirmation page, but the field is not created until you click save on the confirmation page and receive the success message.

On the success page when you first create a field, there is a button to Place Field on Member Registration Forms. Clicking that will let you associate the field with a specific member level immediately.

If you do not add it to the employee registration form at this point, it will need to be done after the fact by going into the Manage Member Levels page from the GRIP OPTIONS tab, then clicking the arrow beside the edit button for the Employees member level, and choosing ‘Manage Registration Form’. On the resulting screen you can click Attach Form Field and select the field to add, or further customize the ordering of fields and the layout of the page.

Once all fields have been created, and added to the registration form for the employee member level, it’s time to import our employee list.