BannerRoster: Importing a Member List

Importing a member list in BannerRoster is very quick and easy. From the MEMBERS tab of the BannerRoster dashboard, select ‘Import Members’ to be taken to the Import Members screen. Select your file, specify whether fields are separated by commas or tabs, and decide whether you want duplicate records to be ignored or updated.

After selecting your file and options, you will be able to configure the imported fields. If your source data has a header row, those headers will be listed on the left, and on the right you can choose whether to ignore each column, or map it to a field.

Before clicking the import button, make sure to set the membership level and click the checkbox to Make all imported members approved, otherwise they will have to be approved individually afterwards.

Assuming there were no issues there should be a green success message that includes the statistics of the import, including the total imported, duplicated, or discarded because of formatting issues.