BannerRoster: Create & Modify Dynamic Member Sets

Dynamic member sets allow you to group members together based on specific criteria, and members are automatically removed or added based on the filtering that you specify. The first thing to do, is to create an ‘All Employees’ dynamic member set which will encompass every member with that member level.

From the members tab on the BannerRoster dashboard, click ‘Add New Dynamic Member Set’ and enter a name in the box. Then click ‘Add Fields’ in the ‘Demographics’ section to define the inclusion logic. In this case I am adding the ‘Member Level’ field and then selecting the ‘Employees’ member level.

Clicking continue will show you the review page, which will tell you how many members match your criteria, and give you an option to preview them before saving. Click save to finalize the member set.

I am going to create a few more dynamic member sets to separate members based on location and department, but instead of starting from scratch for each, I can copy the one I just made by clicking the down arrow beside its ‘Modify’ button on the ‘Manage Dynamic Member Sets’ page and selecting ‘Clone Member Set’. After you’ve named the new set and clicked ‘Save’; you have to click ‘View Member Set’ to access the new set. From there, clicking ‘Options’ will give you the ability modify the set, and add another field, like ‘Location’, then select the location you want to qualify, and continue to save like the first set.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary to create exactly the groups you’re looking for.