BannerRoster: Create & Modify Member Directories

In order to make your groups viewable to the web-facing front end, you have to map the dynamic member set to a Member Directory. From the BannerRoster dashboard, go through the Directories tab to the ‘Add New Directory’ icon. I used the following values to create an ‘All Employees’ member directory.

After completing the first form, you will have to click through a couple of verification pages before you’re able to save. After saving there is one more step to bind the directory and the dynamic member set that it’s based on.

From the success page after creating the member directory, click ‘View Directory’. From the view screen you will have the ability to select ‘Modify’ from the options menu, which will give you access to the ‘Filter by Memberset’ field. Choose the dynamic member set the directory is based on from the drop down, and click save at the bottom.

Repeat these steps for each dynamic member set.