BannerRoster: Modifying Layouts

By default the list view of a member directory looks like a plain grey table with a column for each field being displayed. To change from this type of table list layout, we have to change the BannerRoster layout. Access the BannerRoster layouts by clicking the BannerRoster drop down at the top of the BannerRoster dashboard, and select layouts.

Create a new Employees layout by clicking 'Add Layout'. Select the fields to display on listing page, 'Name' and 'Employee Photo', and then select the 'Yes' radio button for the 'has display page' option. The display page is going to show more details about the individual member, and because I'm using one display page for all departments and locations, I want to be able to populate that information also, so I select 'Name', 'Department', 'Location', 'Position', and 'Employee Photo'. Clicking 'Continue' takes you to the WYSIWYG editor for the layout.

The 'Available Markers' box shows you all of the details that you have access to, and the fields explicitly selected on the first screen are at the bottom of the list under 'Optional Markers'. Copy and paste both of the optional fields into the WYSIWYG editor, I am flipping them so that the photo appears above the name.

Select both fields and click the center button on the toolbar to center them horizontally, and then right click while they're still selected, and click 'Link'. This will let us turn them into a link to the display page, so that clicking on either element will take you to the profile page of the member. Enter '[url]' into the link field and 'Employee Profile' as the title.

Below the 'Available Markers' box, there is another box titled 'Listing Separator HTML'. That is what creates the table look that's currently on the listing pages. Click into that box and clear the contents, then click continue to proceed to the display layout editor.

In the editor for the display layout, copy and paste all of the optional markers from the 'Available Markers' box into the editor, and then click the center button on the toolbar. More time will be spent on this page in the styling section.

Go to the /employees/profile/ page from content > manage pages on the BannerOs dashboard. Right now it will still display the old layout, but it should display a full employee listing in addition to the listings for all of the other directories. From the top menu, select Grips > BannerRoster but click with your middle mouse button to open the dashboard in a new tab.

To apply the new layout to the All Employees directory, go to the 'Manage Directories' icon in the Directories tab, and then click on the 'modify' button to the right of the directory name. Make sure that the display page is set to the 'Employee Profile' page, and select the new layout as the default layout. Clicking verify and save finalizes the changes. Going back to the profile tab and refreshing it will let you see the list layout, and clicking on any name or image will let you see the display layout.

To quickly repeat this process for all of the other directories, use the middle mouse button to click on each of the 'Modify' buttons, and then perform the work in each tab and close them as you receive the success messages.

The final step is to clean up the extra markers on the profile page. Click on the edit content icon on the page, and remove all of the directory markers except the one for the 'All Employees' directory. They had to be there to be able to avoid unsetting the display page when updating the layout on the directories.